Getting value out of "man getopts"

Quartz quartz at
Mon Aug 3 20:55:52 UTC 2015

> I'm interested in getopts with an 's', which is a built-in command.

That's what I assume, but once in a while you get someone who's confused 
so I always double check.

> And I think I understand why "man getopts" shows me a largely useless
> page.  Builtin commands might exist for many different shells and the
> man infrastructure doesn't necessarily know which shell's
> documentation to display... so it gives just a generic manual.

Yeah, you got it. (I started typing exactly that up before I instead 
decided to clarify first.).

> leaves me wondering where I am supposed to go for csh's getopts man
> page.

Built-ins don't have one, it's why you get the generic. You should 
instead just google search for getopts under csh to find a guide.

Unfortunately I can't help you personally here- I gave up on csh ages 
ago so I only know getops on bourne-derived shells. (Personally I'd 
strongly encourage you to give up on csh too, I've never understood why 
FreeBSD still uses it as a default in this day and age. If you don't 
want to install bash or zsh or something at least do yourself a favor 
and use tcsh, your sanity will thank you later).

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