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Thu Apr 16 10:42:25 UTC 2015

On Thu, 16 Apr 2015 15:57:03 +0530, arnab bhowmick wrote:
> I have tried to run eclipse from the terminal but nothing is going on.

What is the _exact_ output of the command? Please copy from
the terminal.

> I
> cannot find where the desktop icon is or what I have to change in my system
> to make eclipse run for my c/c++  college project

As I said, this depends on which desktop environment you're
using. KDE? Gnome? Xfce? LXDE?

But if you start Eclipse from a terminal, it doesn't actually
matter. Still the questions remain:

1. Have you installed the JDK components required by Eclipse?

2. What happens if you run the "eclipse" from a terminal?

3. Which desktop are you using?

Withoput answering those question, any recipient of this
mailing list cannot do more than just guessing, and except
providing some basics, this won't be much help for you.

On Thu, 16 Apr 2015 15:59:16 +0530, arnab bhowmick wrote:
> Is there any ide better than eclipse for programming?

Yes. One of the best IDEs is "make", accompanied by your
favourite editor. It works fine for C and C++. The OS
already provides an excellent C compiler (clang) per
default, and you can add GCC if you need. A good window
manager also helps dealing with them. The advantage here:
You don't have to mess with Java. :-)

Regarding the editor part (essential!), you'll have to
form your own opinion. Some people recommend using gvim
from start, others suggest using joe within a terminal.
and there's also the Midnight Commander's editor (mcedit),
as well as the famous Emacs. You have to try and choose.
Maybe you already have a favourite? Then keep using it.

For C and C++, there's eclipse-cdt in the ports collection
to provide the toolchain for the Eclipse port.

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