line drawing and display and xterms

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| Hello -questions,
| If I ssh from a freebsd 11 machine to a 10.1R machine, where I'm
| running
| amongst other things, mutt and slrn in a screen(1) - if I resume the
| respective screen, all the nice lines showing threading turn into
| escape
| characters and mess up the display. What am I doing wrong?
| If I ssh into the machine then export an xterm over ssh then resume
| the
| screen, it displays normally. I've not tried with other makes of
| xterm.

The usual pitfalls here:

a) xterm honors VT100 line-drawing in UTF-8 mode
b) some other terminals do not
c) screen(1) does not
d) screen(1) honors VT100 line-drawing when not in UTF-8 mode

So the first thing to investigate is whether screen(1) run from the
two scenarios has consistent locale settings.

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