FreeBSD and WiDi / Miracast / WiFi Direct HDMI streaming

CeDeROM cederom at
Wed Sep 17 09:06:37 UTC 2014

On Fri, Sep 12, 2014 at 6:25 PM, CeDeROM <cederom at> wrote:
> PTV3000 does not seems to work even with the stock Android/Nexus
> (Streamcast) nor Windows 7 (Intel WiDi).
> I have ordered a Streamcast dongle from Google, lets give it a try :-)

I have just received a Chromecast from Google dongle =) IT WORKS!
Amazingly from start, on my old Nexus7, seems to work on OSX as well.
Now time for FreeBSD :-)

I think Chromecast would be the way to go.. Google must have it
already implemented in open-source, it can stream sound so it could be
also good alternative for Bluetooth A2DP.. and it cost only $35 :-)

Best regards! :-)


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