missing lipmp3lame with openshot

Michael Powell nightrecon at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 7 08:00:37 UTC 2014

Gary Aitken wrote:

>>>>> I'm trying out openshot to learn something about video editing.
>>>>> When I go to export, it claims: "The following codec(s) are missing
>>>>> from your system: libmp3lame"
>>>>> The openshot executable is statically linked, and there is a
>>>>> libmp3lame.a in /usr/local/lib, as a result of installing
>>>>> multimedia/gstreamer-ffmpeg, I think.
>>> other ideas?
>> Not much of any, per se. The above would seem to indicate that it did
>> build against libmp3lame. At this juncture the only thing I'm left
>> wondering about is which system, e.g is this a problem wrt to 9.x still
>> using a really old GCC or is it a 10.x situation which has changed to
>> Clang. From what little I know I believe that the ports build guys tried
>> to go through the ports tree
>> and winnow out for further work those which  failed to build, or
>> otherwise had some trouble building with Clang. I seem to recall they
>> wanted reports of such at the time. Don't know if this has any bearing on
>> this particular case, it's just all I can think of...
> ah, I think the issue with the static load is that the executable is a
> python script...
> I see I have way too many pythons installed for comfort:
> $ pkg info | grep python
> py27-goocanvas-0.14.1_5        GooCanvas python bindings
> python-2.7_2,2                 The "meta-port" for the default version of
> Python interpreter
> python2-2_3                    The "meta-port" for version 2 of the Python
> interpreter
> python27-2.7.8_4               Interpreted object-oriented programming
> language
> This may be a result of doing some incremental builds of ports, rather
> than
> everything all at once; or not.  If the above should not normally all be
> installed at once, is there an easy way to determine which ports need to
> be
> rebuilt?  The openshot script runs python2.7 which was installed by the
> 2.7.8_4 package, but some library it uses may well have been installed by
> one of the earlier versions.

The python involvement was another thing I thought about, but didn't go 
there as I had nothing really concrete to go on, other than just a tingle of 
a hunch/question/doubt. On a 9.3 box here I have:


whilst on the 10.0 box I show:


I'm left wondering if the top line on the 9.3 machine may be cruft.

pkg info -r <packagename>  shows reverse dependencies and
pkg info -d <packagename> will show dependencies of installed package

I'm uncertain as to how python gets involved in a build process. Something I 
look at from time to time wrt to build questions are to rummage around and 
grep stuff in /usr/ports/Mk in order to attempt to gain understanding on what 
default build path(s) and/or options might exist.

Such things change from time to time and require associatted alterations in 
/etc/make.conf - example such as WITH_BDB_VER=5, DEFAULT_VERSIONS+=php=5.3 
mysql=5.6 apache=2.2, etc, and such. Another is WITH_PKGNG= yes I have in 
make.conf on the 9. box as I believe it's supposed to be there and yet it is 
not present on the 10.x box as I believe it's not required in 10.x. 

Certainly not much here on my end to go on - just brainstorming. Hope you 
get it sorted.


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