OT: UPS for FreeBSD

Paul Pathiakis pathiaki2 at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 29 04:41:28 UTC 2014

I could very well be. ;-)

Con-fused?  That is just so wrong on the pun level.

However, it was a fuse.  My bad in expressing myself and the word 
choice. :-(

It was two types of metal. The outer core was a definitively different 
metal than the inner core.

However, I did not take the time for a metallurgist to come in and tell 
me what the two metals were.  Possibly, and, again, I'm telling you of 
the experience from back in 2000 or so, the outer core seemed to be 
copper and the inner was something of softer metal (one you could score 
with your fingernail).  No, I did not touch the active fuse as with my 
luck I would probably not be here, but the backup fuse on the 'spares' 
shelf in the junction room.

Doesn't anyone think this thread as gone on long enough?

On 11/28/2014 20:49, Perry Hutchison wrote:
> Chris Hill <chris at monochrome.org> wrote:
>> On Fri, 28 Nov 2014, Paul Pathiakis via freebsd-questions wrote:
>>> Get this, the main junction breaker, was a piece of bimetallic chunk
>>> of metal 1500 kVA circuit designed to melt upon overload.  *shiver*)
>> I believe that is called a "fuse."
> "designed to melt upon overload" is the very definition of a fuse,
> but bimetallic (in the context of overload protection) sounds like
> a thermal circuit breaker.  I wonder if the combination may indicate
> that someone is con-fused :)

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