Re: FreeBSD 10.1 - Xt error: Can´t open display :0

Luciano Rottava da Silva rottava at
Tue Nov 25 00:48:23 UTC 2014



I am still unable to launch any program from X running olvwm. Message in
the console (vt0 for instance) is always the same: "xterm: Xt error: Can`t
open display .0"

But if I switch to vt1 and run: "xterm -display localhost:0", then a xterm
window pop up in the X/olvwm, allowing me to launch everything else from
this shell. But of course, would like to be able to do it using the menu I
am building in the "openwin-menu".

#cat /etc/hosts
... localhost localhost.mydomain desktop desktop.rottava.home

#echo $DISPLAY

What possibily could be wrong?


On 24 November 2014 at 09:53, Luciano Rottava da Silva <rottava at>

> Hello,
> I am facing a problem with X in FreeBSD 10.1. Don´t seem to be complicated
> but can´t figure out what´s wrong.
> I´ve managed to install the binary for olvwm, compiled inside a jail
> running 10.1 i386. Host is running 10.1 amd64.
> X is started from 'startx', and .xinitrc has a simply call to olvwm.
> # cat .xinitrc
> olvwm
> X is launched successfully but, I unable to open a xterm terminal or any
> other client.
> Switching to the console (ctrl + alt + f1) I see a message which says "Xt
> error: Can´t open display :0"
> Then I logged in to console 2 (ctrl + alt + f2) and run a "xterm -display
> :0". Coming back o X session (ctrl + alt + f*), my xterm was there, I was
> able to launch all necessary programs.
> Important to hightlight this is done in the localhost, no X11 forwarding,
> nothing, console only since this is my desktop machine.
> Advise are most welcome.
> Thanks,
> Luciano.

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