Captive portal with forced IP?

Martin Hanson greencoppermine at
Mon Nov 10 22:34:10 UTC 2014


I have a FreeBSD box as a firewall. I am using captive portal + freeradius2 to have users login before they can access the net.

I would like to use the firewall the set some restrictions on access to the Internet too. This is of course done on a IP/MAC based level.

Does there exist something which requires users to login, but at the same time forces a specific IP to their account?

So if they spoof their mac/ip they cannot login using their normal credentials - they get logged out and looses access?

In this case a user would not only be required to login with his credentials before he can access the network, but his box would also be bound to a specific IP and MAC, which then would have some restrictions due to the firewall.

I know this is not 100% FreeBSD specific, but I want this to run on FreeBSD and are wondering how others perhaps are doing it.

Thanks and kind regards!


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