PCCARD w/o dev id ..

Holm Tiffe holm at freibergnet.de
Fri Nov 7 16:46:42 UTC 2014


I have something that appears to be a battery buffered SRAM card
with the pccard connector, but it isn't a "real" pccard at all.

The card contained the firmware of a density measuring device until the
dvice was disconnected from the power long time afer the battery died.
Changing the battery is no problem, but I need to read another card
and put the firmware data on the currently empty one. Luckily the cards
have a small switch to set the R/O.

I have an ol Toshiba Sattelite with 9.1-Release on it. I've set
hw.cbb.debug to 1 und when I insert the card I get this:

I've set the hw.cbb.start_memory to 0xd0000000 too, bu this makes no
difference at all.

# sysctl hw.cbb
hw.cbb.debug: 1
hw.cbb.start_32_io: 4096
hw.cbb.start_16_io: 256
hw.cbb.start_memory: 3489660928

Nov  7 17:32:31 toshi kernel: Status is 0x30000410
Nov  7 17:32:31 toshi kernel: cbb0: card inserted: event=0x00000000,
Nov  7 17:32:31 toshi kernel: cbb_pcic_socket_enable:
Nov  7 17:32:31 toshi kernel: cbb0: cbb_power: 5V
Nov  7 17:32:31 toshi kernel: pccard0: Card has no functions!
Nov  7 17:32:31 toshi kernel: cbb0: PC Card card activation failed

The question is now how I can map the card memory to somewhere to access
the data and make a copy of the firmware?

Please put me on the Cc, I'm not subscribed to this list.

Kind Regards,

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