Not seeing files in an NFS exported directory

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at
Wed May 28 15:45:07 UTC 2014

Scott Ballantyne <sdb at> writes:

> I have /var/MOUNT1  and /var/MOUNT1/MOUNT2
> /var/MOUNT1 is a directory on a ZFS filesystem and is exported:
> /var/MOUNT1 -ro
> There are various files and directories in MOUNT1, all of which I can
> access on the client, with the exception of MOUNT2.
> MOUNT2 is an NTFS filesystem, which is mounted with ntfs-3g. I can
> access all the files from the server, so I know it's mounted
> properly. But when I enter the MOUNT2 directory from the client, it
> shows as empty.
> Is this because it's a mountpoint? If so, how can I get this to work
> without having to do two NFS mounts on the client?

You can't; NFS has some concept of (a few) filesystem
attributes. These really are different filesystems underneath,
with different attributes. What you can do instead is have the
mounts occur automatically. Look at amd(8); I think the
example in the Handbook is a little different from your
configuration, but I'm pretty sure that somewhere back in the
mists of time I did something similar to what you want.

[Caveat: I don't know NFSv4 that well. But I'm pretty sure
that doesn't change the answer.]

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