Not seeing files in an NFS exported directory

Scott Ballantyne sdb at
Wed May 28 05:37:28 UTC 2014


I have /var/MOUNT1  and /var/MOUNT1/MOUNT2

/var/MOUNT1 is a directory on a ZFS filesystem and is exported:

/var/MOUNT1 -ro

There are various files and directories in MOUNT1, all of which I can
access on the client, with the exception of MOUNT2.

MOUNT2 is an NTFS filesystem, which is mounted with ntfs-3g. I can
access all the files from the server, so I know it's mounted
properly. But when I enter the MOUNT2 directory from the client, it
shows as empty.

Is this because it's a mountpoint? If so, how can I get this to work
without having to do two NFS mounts on the client?

Or is it because it's a NTFS-3g filesystem? And if so, same

Thanks in advance for any help!
sdb at

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