FreeBSD-10.0r. on Lenovo G780 (fwd)

Victor Sudakov vas at
Wed May 28 02:38:50 UTC 2014

Ed Maste wrote:
> > OMG. The console font looks terrible (too small). And it has become
> > Unicode.
> Personally I prefer the crisp (and yes, small) console font over a
> blurry stretched 80x25 console, but we will add larger font bitmaps as
> well.  Sample versions have been posted to one of the mailing lists
> already.  We'll also add different fonts in case you don't like
> Terminus.

It would be nice to have a choice of fonts. I am fond of traditional
larger 80x25 consoles but I respect others' right to prefer a
different look.

The question is, what fonts does vt(4) use, and how do I choose a
font? The vidfont command complains of "getting keymap: Inappropriate
ioctl for device".

Can I use /usr/share/syscons/fonts/*.fnt fonts or X fonts or TrueType
fonts or some special format with it?

> Unicode support is one of vt(4)'s benefits (screen maps not required);
> is there a reason you'd not want it?  

The reason is all my systems have used the ru_RU.KOI8-R locale for
years. All filenames, text files, E-mails, HTML pages etc. are KOI8-R

> Keymap support (via rc.conf settings) is not yet available but will
> come soon.

Do you mean to say I cannot switch vt from Latin to Cyrillic input yet?

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Tomsk, Russia
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