Hardware for NAS/NFS?

Thomas Mueller mueller6724 at bellsouth.net
Mon May 26 04:46:42 UTC 2014

Following two Western Digital hard drives going bad, one internal SATA and one external USB 3.0, 3 TB each, I am looking for a replacement that would permit access from more than one computer at one time, and also be usable for PXE/netboot.

I now have two computers, and cable Internet with TP-Link wireless router that does not have a USB port.

I might want to mount a file system by NFS. 

Ability to boot by PXE (network) would also be highly desirable.

One product that I might be interested in is Seagate Central, but there are other possibilities.  Seagate Central has Ethernet connection and also USB 2.0 port, not as good as USB 3.0, but still much faster than network connection (?).

There are other NAS products out there, and I notice there is a tiny FreeBSD distribution NAS4free, based on FreeBSD 9.2, though I might need it to be based on FreeBSD >= 10.0.

I am curious what hardware setup NAS4free might be used on, though I am not decided as to using NAS4free or trying to build something like it for FreeBSD >= 10.0.


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