Post 'svn up .' to Revision: 266585 for 9.2; failure to mount root

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Sat May 24 05:25:29 UTC 2014

On 05/23/2014 09:40 AM, Joe Altman wrote:
> Greetings, list...
> For 9.2 I recently updated to Revision: 266585 via svn east:


> upon reboot, this error was written to my screen:
> Trying to mount root from ufs:dev/ad4s1a failed with error 19

Were your 'ad' aliases disabled in this new build? I just checked, and
my 9.2 and 10.0 boxen have them by default; but they can be turned off.

I would say to type ? at the mountroot prompt, but...

> Then my keyboard fails, so I need to warm reset the machine.

...which means you can't really see what devices are available.

> Booting
> kernel.old (from April 9) succeeds; so following the instructions in the
> handbook I mv kernel.old to kernel and reboot. The error above recurs. I
> am currently using GENERIC.


> The question should be obvious: what happened, and how can I fix it?

Since you're using GENERIC, can you extract a fresh kernel from the
distribution and see if that exhibits similar behaviour, just to narrow
down a possible intermittent hardware issue?

For example: I have an SSD in one of my machines that functions
perfectly fine unless the machine is warm-rebooted, when it will
disappear sometime between loader and mountroot. Only a power cycle can
bring it back.

Another thing you might try is to switch the root mount in fstab or
loader.conf to using a glabel device, like /dev/ufs/<label> or
/dev/ufsid/<hex-id>, and see if that works where the ad alias failed.

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