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Sun May 11 10:36:56 UTC 2014

On Sun, 11 May 2014 03:10:18 -0600, Jack Richard wrote:
> I have attempted to install FreeBSD in Toshiba amd64 8GB/640GB-hdd. All I
> get is BS.

Was is "BS" in this context? Bullshit? Bluescreen? Please
provide _what_ you get, for example by pasting it into the
message or providing a link to a screenshot (as this list
does not support image attachments).

> I am willing to buy FreeBSD on disc from a vendor, BUT - I will
> only buy the disc set if I can get confirmation that FreeBSD will work;

Such a kind of confirmation is very hard to make, as there may
be problems nobody of the FreeBSD team can predict. That's why
you have the chance to try FreeBSD before purchasing a CD set,
and trying is for free, minus maybe CD or DVD media. In worst
case, use a USB stick for testing.

> ie
> ===> Hardware found, internet available without the BS part. I am
> computer-aware and have a fair education, but the requirements to get
> FreeBSD to work after downloading, burning the iso to disc and hours of
> installation without being able to use it is VERY annoying [...]

Hmmm... personally, I have the complete opposite experience. I
actually tend to download FreeBSD installation CD #1 and use
this to install the base system, then activate Internet, and
from this point, perform updates and the installation of
everything else. You could try the same.

Keep in mind that _some_ optical drives are a bit picky about
media to read or write, especially when they are "new" and
"modern". That's why using the USB boot functionality often
is a good alternative, as a bootable image is also made
available via the FreeBSD servers.

As you are computer-aware and have a fair education, it would
be good if you can provide more details to the list, for example,
what computer (brand + model) you're installing on, which OS
version (32 or 64 bit), how you created the installation media,
on what kind of media, how far you got in the installation
process and finally what error messages you have received.
That should give a usable base for identifying possible problems.

> [...] and I feel that
> if FreeBSD cannot work in every fashion OUT-OF-THE-BOX, then tell me now so
> I can save myself the trouble.

Again, I can say that FreeBSD works _perfectly_ (as expected) out
of the box given the fact that supported hardware is being used.
I have been using FreeBSD since version 4.0 on various kinds of
hardware, no problems so far.

You should also mention what "in every fashion" means to _you_.
The FreeBSD OS has an accurately defined set of functionalities
which it usually achieves to deliver out of the box. If there is
any problem, there actually is a _reason_ for it. FreeBSD also
provides means to identify this reason.

> Please feel free to contact me at the email address and let me know
> something.

Just as a sidenote: Make sure you follow the steps described in
the handbook. I don't say this in any impolite tone or with the
"feeling of superiority". It's simply my individual observation
that following the handbook and _then_ pointing out at the mailing
list _what_ went wrong is the best concept of receiving input for
further diagnostics and decisions.

As an alternative attempt, try PC-BSD. :-)

Magdeburg, Germany
Happy FreeBSD user since 4.0
Andra moi ennepe, Mousa, ...

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