FreeBSD on disc

Jason Birch jbirch at
Sun May 11 09:41:52 UTC 2014

> I have attempted to install FreeBSD in Toshiba amd64 8GB/640GB-hdd. All
> I get is BS.

If you mean BS as in "bullshit", this doesn't really give us much
information to help you with. Could you elaborate on what you expected to
get, and what you actually got?

> ... but the requirements to get FreeBSD to work after downloading, burning
> the iso to disc and hours of installation without being able to use it...

I suspect we'll need to know about your use-case to really understand how
we might help. For example, for one of my use-cases of FreeBSD,
installation takes minutes and I personally don't need a graphical user
interface, or even networking.

... if FreeBSD cannot work in every fashion OUT-OF-THE-BOX ...

I wouldn't really say FreeBSD is designed to work in every fashion
out-of-the-box. I don't think there are many (any?) things in life that
will work for every use-case. As an analogy, a particular car might not
seat 7 people, and that might make it a no-go for you and your family. But
that might not affect my choice to purchase that car, and in fact might be
a good thing!

While a great deal of things will work out-of-the-box, they may not be
enabled out of the box. Something like PC-BSD is FreeBSD with a great many
more things enabled out-of-the-box, and may meet your expectations more. As
Odhiambo hinted at rather crudely, perhaps there's a mismatch between your
expectation of what an operating system should do and FreeBSD's philosophy.
PC-BSD will go a long way to bridging that expectation gap.

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