bootstrapping /usr/sbin/pkg inside a jail

Jesse Gooch lists at
Wed May 7 21:42:35 UTC 2014

Hi Andrew,

On 07/05/14 06:49 AM, Fbsd8 wrote:
> Andrew Berg wrote:
>> On 2014.05.06 15:05, Fbsd8 wrote:
>> Does your jail have working internet connectivity and DNS resolution?
> Yes of course
> It's not a question of getting to the internet which ping shows works.

Have you enabled raw sockets on your jails? Ping should not normally
work on a jail. For example on one of my jails ping does this:

> root at www:/ # ping
> ping: socket: Operation not permitted

I commonly encounter your error when I forget to add a new pf nat rule
when creating a new jail. Are you assigning the jail an alias on the
local network or using NAT with a loopback address?

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