bootstrapping /usr/sbin/pkg inside a jail

Fbsd8 fbsd8 at
Wed May 7 13:49:35 UTC 2014

Andrew Berg wrote:
> On 2014.05.06 15:05, Fbsd8 wrote:
>> But after starting a jail and issuing the same command I get this
>> jexec dir23 tcsh
>> dir23 /root >/usr/sbin/pkg
>> The package management tool is not yet installed on your system.
>> Do you want to fetch and install it now? [y/N]: y
>> Bootstrapping pkg from 
>> please wait...
>> pkg: Error fetching 
>> File unavailable (e.g., file not found, no access)
>> A pre-built version of pkg could not be found for your system.
>> Consider changing PACKAGESITE or installing it from ports
>> Why 2 different URL's?
>>  From inside of a jail how do I install pkg?
> Does your jail have working internet connectivity and DNS resolution?

Yes of course

It's not a question of getting to the internet which ping shows works.
Its that going to
using a browser or ftp shows that directory path does not exist.

So it all boils down to, where is pkg program getting the url from and 
why is there difference between host and jail?

This is more a pkgng question then a jail question.

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