rrdtool and lua on FreeBSD 10.x anyone ?

Stefan Parvu sparvu at systemdatarecorder.org
Mon Jun 30 08:01:57 UTC 2014

> lua stuff is handled in FreeBSD doesn't always turn out as
> expected, I've found.  Even defining DEFAULT_VERSIONS=lua=5.2
> doesn't mean that lua stuff always uses a certain version (pretty
> sure devel/luafilesystem still requires lua51, even though it claims
> otherwise if you read the Makefile).

Do you mean it is worth trying lua5.1 instead of 5.2 ? Are you using rrdtool 
with LUA ? Im interested in getting this done since we want to experiment and
measure how one would handle rrdtool within nginx (via lua).

The initial measurements for our auth part  were amazing vs Perl. See below:

1. NGINX + Plack 
N=150, R=418ms, X=117req/sec, Util=75% (2vcpus)

2. NGINX + Mojo
N=150, R=188ms, X=145req/sec, Util=50% (2vcpus)

3. Mojo
N=150, R=100ms, X=148req/sec, Util=48% (2vcpus)

N=150, R=27ms, X=180req/sec, Util=15% (2vcpus)  

Stefan Parvu <sparvu at systemdatarecorder.org>

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