Fiber Optic connect to existing lan.

Al Plant noc at
Mon Jun 30 00:46:42 UTC 2014


The telcom here in Hawaii has run fiber optic cables down our lane and 
we have connected to it. I have several FreeBSD boxes on a lan that I 
want to connect to the fiber through a gateway.  There is a Cisco modem 
that you can connect MS boxes directly via dhcp and it works fine. But 
the tecs didn't know about any firewall on the system. There are extra 
cat 5 connectors for connecting a lan, but I would like to see how to 
connect the dhcp gateway/firewall that separates the static lan from the 
Cisco box.

Any help appreciated as to locating a how to for hooking this up. It is 
   difficult to find any one here in the islands who as worked with 
fiber as this is brand new to us. (BTW the cost of fiber service here is 
less than 1/2 the cable company charge for coax.)

I think the the lan is fine and all I have to do is connect the firewall 
of the lan to the dhcp. I have only used static IP so I need to find out 
how to hook up the dhcp side.


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