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Sat Jun 28 03:15:05 UTC 2014



Completely fucking useless.

How the hell do I submit a bug report there!

I D/L the DVD version of BSD 10 from two different 
sources, I burned the disks on two different confuzers 
and the results are the same, DON'T WORK!

The confuzer I´m trying to load is a HP with an AMD XP 
Athlon 3000 cpu, 1 Gig ram & a Nvidia FX 5200 AGP video 
card with 128 megs ram.

I'm not a complete idiot, I've been doing this since BSD 
4.4, I have a clue.  I hate the new disk slicer.

Using the AMD .iso DVD file.  I tried to install BSD on 
the box.

Cpu doesn´t support long mode,   WTF!

I try to load the I386 DVD version; it locks up at the 
boot loader.

I tried to load the "CD" iso, burned it to a CD, 
installed it and it will NOT boot up after it´s loaded, & 
I reboot:

gptboot: error 128 lba 57712802 
gptboot: No /boot/loader on 0:ad(0p2)
gptboot: No /boot/kernel/kernel on 0:ad(0p2)

I tried to load it on a 250 gig ide and a 160 sata in a 
usb adaptor, same error, both won´t run.

160Gig sata in a USB external case.

gptboot: error 128 lba 290
gptboot: error 128 lba 291220226
invalid format
gptboot: error 128 lba 482 
gptboot: No /boot/kernel/kernel on 0:ad(0p2)

I´m done, I quit, I´ve wasted too much of my time & made 
too many coasters with this shit.

I remember a time when BSD worked on everything without 
any problems.

Don´t waste my time telling me the hardware is AFU, I run 
UBCD 5.04 on it all the time & load Pmagic 6.6 on it and 
it works just fine.  

Last time I ran memtest on this box it passed 12 times no 

This confuzer ran Winblows XP Pro on it for five years, I 
only retired it for a faster box.

NO, I AM NOT looking for help, I'm just attempting to 
provide you with the fact that this don't work.

Think you can make it any harder to contact you people, 
the bug report page sux, it's completely useless.

I've installed 4.4, 5, 6, 7, & 9, over the past fifteen 
years with no problems.

YA, I know, I'm an idiot & you don't care.


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