Mount Linux ext2fs partition on /home?

Thomas Mueller mueller6724 at
Thu Jun 26 10:37:58 UTC 2014

Responding to krad about cheap access point, and still in NetBSD with X non-starting X, and no copy-and-paste:

On that cheap access point, I may already have it: TP-Link wireless router.

Sure, I connect when feasible using 25 ft Ethernet cable stretching across the floor, but there is a bug in re(4) driver in (Free, Open and DragonFly)BSD, it won't connect.  NetBSD and Linux don't have this bug.

Curiosity finally got the better of me regarding Haiku, and I downloaded and extracted the anyboot image from .

I extracted and installed to 4 GB USB stick, and thinking Linux and NetBSD were the only two open-source OSes that worked with this Ethernet, was supprised when Haiku became the third.  Web Positive browser was nice, better than Midori 0.5.5 on the System Rescue CD.

I notice there are USB 2.0 and 3.0 Ethernet adapters on the market, plug into USB port on computer, female Ethernet port on the other end.  I wonder how these things work with FreeBSD, NetBSD and Linux.

On the issue of hardware problems, humidity has been high here, outside door, fascia and soffit (on the building) swell and can hold the outside storm/screen door open under humid conditions.

But that wouldn't explain why the Ethernet works with Linux, NetBSD and Haiku but not (Free, Open and DragonFly)BSD.  Or why the USB is so flaky under FreeBSD and NetBSD with all the console spew on losing connection with mouse and kerboard even when those are plugged in.

I image the bigger hazard to data might not be so much dual-booting as null-mounting my Mail directory for NetBSD.


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