Mount Linux ext2fs partition on /home?

krad kraduk at
Thu Jun 26 07:32:37 UTC 2014

if the wifi is the only issue thats making you want to dual boot, and your
working on a desktop type setup, then why dont you get a cheap access point
and get it to act as a bridged wifi client which you can then plug into the
pc's ethernet port. Yes this is a hack i know, but its a much safer hack
than dual booting and only needs to remain in place until you figure or an
update comes out to fix your wifi issues.

On 26 June 2014 04:39, Thomas Mueller <mueller6724 at> wrote:

> I might have to settle for ext2fs, since the BSDs, at least natively,
> don't recognize ext3 and ext4 extensions.  A longer-term solution might
> possibly use NFS, though that might serve better as backup than for ongoing
> activity.
> I don't think NetBSD or Haiku support ZFS, and if they did, could I trust
> NetBSD, the Murphy's-Law-OS, to not mess up?
> I checked FreeBSD ports tree, notice there is a fusefs-ext4fuse.
> I am in NetBSD-current amd64 now, Internet connectivity good, but X fails
> to start, can't find display, and no working mouse copy-and-paste between
> text consoles; hence too cumbersome to quote and follow threading protocols.
> Tom
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