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Wed Jun 25 16:56:36 UTC 2014

On Wed, 25 Jun 2014 18:39:18 +0200, ddddd dddd wrote:
> Both accents and extra letters now work in sh, csh and vi,
> but not in ed and cdcontrol, I also see the "£" isn't working
> in ttyv, but unless someone has a quick solution for those
> problems, I won't care about that for now. 

Probably the interactive mode of cdcontrol uses a different
input method than the shells.

> The translation of FreeBSD itself to Norwegian is started it
> seems, but it looks like it's still over 99% in English.

Yes, the OS messages and program outputs are not "internationalized",
because there's hardly a need for that. On the other hand, many
GUI components are "multi-language" for decades.

> However, this means all new programs I install from ports or
> packages who are translated, like Firefox, will be in Norwegian,
> right?

No. Especially Firefox and Thunderbird require you to manually
add a language pack (firefox-i18n) and a language switcher extension
or plugin, if I remember correctly, and it has to be done on a
per-user basis interactively (read: "hand-holding"). If you
install the language packs for KDE (kde-i18n) or Gnome or Xfce,
the correspoding programs will honor the login.conf setting and
show localized messages.

For some programs, there is no language support, so they will
always display english messages. But those which are part of
"the big desktop environments" usually will.

> Also, when I type locale, I can see some of the values are
> inside quotes for some reason  (it's not written like that in
> the .login_conf file), and some are not, the values with quotes
> don't set the variables, like $LC_TIME.

This seems to be the correct behaviour:

	% locale

This reflects my settings: Program messages and related things
in English, but input in German.

> But $LANG and $LC_ALL work, so it's probably no problem there.

LC_ALL has precedence over other LC_* settings, and LANG will
be used when no LC_* setting is present, if I remember correctly.
There are other environmental variables such as MM_CHARSET that
can affect program behaviour.

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