Language in FreeBSD

ddddd dddd sin_jen at
Wed Jun 25 16:40:26 UTC 2014


> According to "man login.conf", setting lang= will set $LANG,
> but it will not set any of the LC_* variables. If I remember
> correctly, $LANG has precedence.
> If you want to set LC_* variables via ~/.login_conf, you can
> use the setenv= parameter.
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Ok, I got it to work good enough using .login_conf like you said now. I had already tried that, so I don't know what was wrong before. 
Both accents and extra letters now work in sh, csh and vi, but not in ed and cdcontrol, I also see the "£" isn't working in ttyv, but unless someone has a quick solution for those problems, I won't care about that for now. 

The translation of FreeBSD itself to Norwegian is started it seems, but it looks like it's still over 99% in English. However, this means all new programs I install from ports or packages who are translated, like Firefox, will be in Norwegian, right?

Also, when I type locale, I can see some of the values are inside quotes for some reason  (it's not written like that in the .login_conf file), and some are not, the values with quotes don't set the variables, like $LC_TIME. But $LANG and $LC_ALL work, so it's probably no problem there.

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