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Victor Sudakov vas at
Wed Jun 25 10:31:28 UTC 2014

Polytropon wrote:
> And now take into mind that Unicode characters can also be
> used, so http://??y.F????????bS??/ isn't far away. And think about
> all the funny attack vectors enabled by "similarly looking",
> but actually different URLs... ;-)

Usually there are some provisions and transformation rules approved by
ICANN to minimize this risk. I can speak for .рф only (AKA xn--p1ai),
there are no permitted characters other than a restricted set of
Cyrillic.  You cannot have some e.g.  Greek or even Latin character in
this Cyrillic-only domain name, i.e. you cannot replace U+043E
(cyrillic small letter "o") with an ascii "o".

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