Mount Linux ext2fs partition on /home?

Thomas Mueller mueller6724 at
Tue Jun 24 20:07:22 UTC 2014

Is there anything wrong in using a Linux ext2fs or ext3fs partition for /home?

Reason is to have read-write ability of FreeBSD /home partition from Linux, and from what I am told, also Haiku, so I can share FreeBSD mail directories with Linux and Haiku, and not be so slowed down when FreeBSD wi-fi stops working.

FreeBSD wi-fi is a crapshoot on starting up, and another crapshoot how long it will stay up.  I feel like Cinderella, except she knew her coach would turn back to a pumpkin at exactly midnight, while I have no idea, no warning, when the virtual midnight will come.

Motherboard is MSI Z77 MPOWER.  (Free, Open and DragonFly)BSD recognize Realtek (re) Ethernet but fail to connect.

Only open-source OSes that work with this Ethernet, so far as I have seen, are NetBSD, Linux and Haiku.

With NetBSD, some other things don't work; now startx won't start, can't find display.  Too much of a crapshoot, and I don't want to mess with preconfigured device nodes any more, such as Linux and FreeBSD had many years ago, and NetBSD and OpenBSD still have.


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