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Dear Tyler,
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Subject: server funding
> Hello all:
> I recently ran across as a shell provider from BSDNow and had a
> thought along those same lines.
> I am a fan of MUDs and they're dying out. I'd like to provide a community
> where people can work and develop their own MUDs. I'm looking for a company or
> someone that wouldn't mind dedicating a couple cheap servers to this; I'd like
> to run FreeBSD on one and Linux on the other to give them a choice in what
> they run; if I can not get two (since that's a bit above what I'm expecting),
> I'll just go with FreeBSD.
> My thought is this: free service while you're building your mud, then you pay
> $5 minimum (we could have plans, or may maybe even just small upgrades (extra
> ram, hd space). for email, web and the mud to run when you actually start
> hosting it and getting players. That money would go directly back into paying
> for the servers; any extra (if there is extra) I'd like to donate to Guide
> dogs for the blind.

While you cause is noble, it may be hard to find people who are willing to
donate hardware to you and for you to find people willing to pay you money to
run a shell account. As mentioned a few times during the episode, shell
providers don't make much money anymore. Most people who are savvy enough to
run freeBSD probably will do so on a VPS for cheap where they can have root
access or on their own hardware.

> Hopefully this doesn't sound to odd. As I said, I'm setting out to do this to
> support people in their learning and not to make any money off of it. Guide
> Dogs for the Blind is where I received my first guide from; I'd like to give
> back with a project like this, even if it is an extra of $5 a month.
> to this end, I am looking for:
> 1) A grant, fund or similar that would allow me to purchase 1 (possibly 2)
> servers that could be used for this task. They don't have to be incredibly
> high end servers, but I do foresee a lot of compilation happening, so
> something with the processing power to sustain that would be great.
> 2) A company or individual who has something extra they wouldn't mind putting
> up for the cause; I would greatly appreciate that as well.

Where would you put the servers and how would they get internet access? Or do
you mean you want someone to donate 2 servers, some power, and some internet?

> Thanks all for the time,

Best of luck!

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