No packages with 9.3-RELEASE? [was: Re: Port Changes FAQ]

Ian Smith smithi at
Thu Jun 19 03:32:05 UTC 2014

In freebsd-questions Digest, Vol 524, Issue 2, Message: 18
On Tue, 17 Jun 2014 06:50:30 +0100 Matthew Seaman <matthew at> wrote:
 > On 16/06/2014 22:05, Chris Maness wrote:
 > > What version of FreeBSD implements the now pkg (8)?
 > pkg(8) works on all supported version of FreeBSD -- basically anywhere
 > that the ports tree works.  It would probably work on earlier versions,
 > but that hasn't been well tested.  Basically, if you have /usr/sbin/pkg
 > on your system (which is the shim that pulls in the real pkg(8)) then
 > you're good to go.
 > pkg(8) is default in 10.0 and will be default in all releases to come on
 > all branches from now on.  Given that the declared EoL of the old
 > pkg_tools is due in September there's only one more release (9.3) that
 > could possibly not have pkg(8) as default: however, my understanding is
 > that there are no plans to provide any old-style packages with that release.

Please elaborate, Matthew?  This is the first I've heard of this, I've 
seen nothing in -stable or elsewhere, and I'm more than a bit alarmed.

If 9.3 is not to have pkg(8) packages - whyever not? - and no old-style 
packages, does this mean no package set at all for probably the last 2 
year extended release on the 9 branch?  So will there be no DVD1 with a 
(relatively) consistent set of packages?  Will there be no ports freeze?

I'd tried installing 10.0-R from a memstick made from DVD1 using Darren 
Pilgrim's ( which 
worked fine to install the OS but failed to be able to use its packages, 
including the docs install, because it failed to recognise the memstick 
as the package repository and insisted on being online to use the remote 
repository, which wouldn't work either.  It seemed to be checking that 
it was running from real CD/DVD media, perhaps?

So I installed 9.2-RELEASE instead, with its old-style packages, which 
worked fine.  I have no machine with a DVD burner, and the X200 I'm 
installing to has no CD/DVD drive, I can't afford an external drive, 
and I'd really prefer to stick with stable/9 at least until 10.1-R.

cheers, Ian  (please CC me; I get -questions as a digest)

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