Language in FreeBSD

ddddd dddd sin_jen at
Mon Jun 16 00:10:33 UTC 2014

Hello. I am trying to change FreeBSD to Norwegian. Setting :lang in ~/.login_conf didn't work. Also, I don't know how much of FreeBSD is actually translated, if any. So if I can't get that to work, getting Norwegian letters working will be enough. When I installed, I selected Norwegian ISO keyboard map, Norwegian with code page 850 weren't available. However the extra Norwegian letters aren't working in csh, sh or vi, they show up as "\330" or something similar, at least in csh (I could give all details of how each program handle the keys if that will help).

I'm able to use the letters almost correctly in ee and the login-screen. The "å" and "æ" looks ok, but there's still problems there too when using ttyv: 
-The "ø" looks like an "o", this might be a bug with the fonts in FreeBSD, because it still looks like an "o" in all the fonts I have tried, even when changing the ttyv from text mode to graphics mode with vidcontrol. I know it's not an actual "o", because I can't log in as root by typing røøt, even if it looks identical on the screen.

-I can't use combining accents, when I write "´" , it is shown immediately and I can't combine it with letters. 

Neither of these two problems are there when running ee in xterm, but xterm still has the identical problem with csh, sh and vi not accepting the extra letters. Also, the Euro sign is not working in ttyv or xterm. I have none problem at all in Firefox, both the letters and Euro sign is working.

Does anyone know what to do?

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