Upgrading KDE4 and General pkg upgrade problems

Jamie Paul Griffin jmzgriffin at gmail.com
Fri Jun 6 12:44:06 UTC 2014

My machine was not in use for a few months and when I booted it up 
the other day I naturally wanted to upgrade my packages. This brought 
about terrible problems resulting in me having to remove every 
package and start over. 

I had to remove a few in order to get past some pkg warnings. Then 
when the packages did download and install I had a problem with kdm 
which is started automatically using the "kdm4_enable" rc.conf variable, 
producing an error code and quitting the X server. 

Google revealed several posts where this issue has occurred to other 
users. I gathered that the X server needs to be rebuilt using the 
"WITH_NEW_XORG" make.conf variable and then a number of graphical 
software components require rebuilding also, with portmaster finally 
taking care of the remaining software upgrades. 

I just want to know what is the steps needed to upgrade KDE4 from 
version 4.10 to 4.12? Also can I be sure that my video card will work 
with the new X server having used the WITH_NEW_XORG make.conf 
configuration thing?

As it happens I've reverted back to the packages I had before 
attempting the upgrade by setting pkg.conf url to ...release/0 rather 
than ...latest as I read somewhere on the internet. 

I understand work is underway to get pkg to overcome these version 
compatibility issues, has that been completed or is it some way off yet?

Thanks for reading. 


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