FreeBSD 10.0-R-p7 bind9.9 starting named on boot?

Warren Block wblock at
Thu Jul 31 00:42:04 UTC 2014

On Wed, 30 Jul 2014, Burton Sampley via freebsd-questions wrote:

> I have installed 10.0-R and updated to p-7.  I have installed Bind9.9 
> from ports and have configured a local domain (, which is 
> doing exactly what I want/need it to do ... until I reboot.  It will 
> not start automagically on reboot. I have added and confirmed 
> 'named_enable="YES" ' in /etc/rc.conf, but named is not running after 
> a reboot.  I checked dmesg and /var/log/messages, but did not see any 
> error messages for named. I can manually start named with 
> "/usr/sbin/service named start" and it will run without issue, until I 
> reboot.

No error messages, but is the normal named startup message shown in 

> named_enable="YES"

This is enough by itself.

> named_program="/usr/local/sbin/named"
> named_conf="/usr/local/etc/namedb/named.conf"

Don't set these, they are defaults.

It works for me, so at least it is possible.  The first thing that comes 
to mind is that the machine may be starting named before the network 
interface is up.  See
   man rc.conf | less -p netwait
for a method of making the startup wait for an IP address to actually 
become available before continuing.

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