FreeBSD NAS hardware suggestions

Andrew Berg aberg010 at
Mon Jul 21 20:21:48 UTC 2014

On 2014.07.21 09:56, Mike. wrote:
> Depending upon where you looked, I wrote one of those early failure
> reviews for the WD Red drives, yet I continue to buy them in my ZFS
> array.  Why?, you might ask.
> The easiest time to replace a failed drive is right at the beginning
> when it is new.  Both amazon and newegg have a very efficient
> return/replace process for early failures.
IME, Amazon yes, NewEgg not so much. I ended up buying 2 Reds from one and 3
from another, and had a DOA disk from each. Amazon shipped a replacement
next-day *before* I returned the defective one, and provided a return label,
all at no charge. NewEgg made me pay to ship the defective disk to them and
sent me a replacement via standard shipping a day or two after they received
the defective one.

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