Long delays in 'pkg upgrade' and other mysteries ..

Ian Smith smithi at nimnet.asn.au
Wed Jul 16 14:35:34 UTC 2014

On Tue, 15 Jul 2014 07:50:54 -0700, Adrian Chadd wrote:

 > Ugh, so, there's a bunch of conflicts with package renames. You have
 > to read /usr/ports/UPDATING to get the full list of what to modify.

Yairs.  And there's quite a bit since September 30, 2013 when 9.2-R DVD 
packages date from.  Somehow I thought working via packages might be 
smoother, but I see in UPDATING lots of things to move origins for etc, 
much of which concern stuff installed as dependencies.

 > I haven't had this happen in months. The ports metadata side of things
 > has gotten a lot better over the last year - you're just experiencing
 > the handful of rounds of "incomplete metadata" and "wanton package
 > renaming" hilarity that marred the whole binary package experience.
 > (It got better. :-)

I don't much like Linux, but did like how Debian's apt-get and friends 
just work .. yes, I'm sure it's about there, with no doubt still a few 
rough edges to file off.  I like the way the 9.3-R relnotes turned out, 
showing potential for split repos for different versions / major options 
such as the NEW_XORG temporary repository .. things should get easier.

It was totally stupid of me to assume the installed portmaster would do 
pkgng, or quit if it couldn't .. it just said 'ignoring' my '--packages' 
switch, as I later noticed in a file saved from the console buffer.  It 
likely installed some binaries without registering them, or not as NG.

Anyway with 9.3-R out the door, I might just save what config I can and 
be prepared to blow away everything but /home with a fresh install.  I 
think I know what needs patching to get pkg working from a memstick made 
from the dvd1.iso (unless fixed?), so I can install X etc from there.

Top-posting adds an air of finality to a thread for me, so I'll drop the 
tail and hope someone engages my first question in the OP; summarised:

Why was pkg(8) locked for almost 4 hours downloading < 900MB in 657 
packages, with ~16 second sleeps between each one, before it got to work 
for just a couple of minutes before (apparently) having too many listed 
warnings to continue, or even touch its db?  Yes it was the latest pkg.



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