How to get ri working for ruby19?

transitive transitive at
Sun Jul 6 17:12:26 UTC 2014

I found this link describing what to do to get ri working on freebsd.

The method I used was the similar to that described above but the rdoc
command I used was simpler and it seemed to work.

You have to find your version of the ruby-1.9.3-484.tar.bz2 file in
/usr/ports/distfiles and untar the ruby file and run the rdoc command on
the untarred ruby directory. So as root do the following:

# tar jxvf  /usr/ports/distfiles/ruby-1.9.3-p484.tar.bz2
# rdoc -R ruby-1.9.3-p484/

ri works on my freebsd 10 stable system seems to work after I did that. By
the way you can see the options for rdoc by doing:

rdoc --help

Hope that helps. Don't know why the ruby port doesn't take that into
account. I'm no expert when it comes to ports though.

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