Images in freebsd-doc

Carl Johnson carlj at
Sat Jul 5 22:19:51 UTC 2014

I usually prefer to use local documentation, so I have the
en-freebsd-doc package installed (the freebsd-doc-en port).  My browser
doesn't show any images and it turns out that they have really screwy
paths to those images.  For example, the image for figure 2.4 in section
2.5.1 is (warning: *long* line)
The actual path for the image is
but the relative location is just

Is there a reason for using that kind of path for the image when the
installed path isn't remotely like that?  Should I munge apache to
somehow get to that path, or should I file a PR to try to get something

Thanks for any suggestions.
Carl Johnson		carlj at

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