upside down duplexed page -- CUPS issue (was Re: ps problem)

Gary Aitken freebsd at
Mon Jan 27 06:28:03 UTC 2014

On 01/26/14 22:05, Polytropon wrote:
> On Sun, 26 Jan 2014 21:51:54 -0700, Gary Aitken wrote:

>> 2. If I print it using
>>      /usr/local/bin/lpr
>>    it comes out with the duplexed page upside down.
> This will use CUPS's settings which may add a "preample"
> of PS to the printer to reflect those settings, for example
> which "duplexing manner" (long or short edge "wrap") will
> be used.

Except that in this case the %cupsJobsTicket: comment should
instruct it to use long-edge duplexing, which should override
any cups default.  The default for this printer is no-duplex,
so if it overrides it shouldn't duplex at all.

> To find out if those settings exist, open a web browser (bah)
> and go to http://localhost:631 where you can find the CUPS
> administration web pages. Check your printer's settings
> carefully. (I know there's also a lpadmin tool, but haven't
> bothered learning it because I tend to avoid CUPS whenever
> possible, because when you have a PS-capable printer, it's
> probably just useless overhead.)

Checked that already, and it is set by default to not duplex.
So presumably its preamble would not change the duplexing.
But the document itself has embedded duplexing along the long
edge.  Why would that result in the short-edge behavior?

>> If I create a simple 2 page document in openoffice,
>> when printing from openoffice, I see the following:
>> 3. If printed duplexed direct from OO, duplexed pages are upside down.
> As expected.

Why?  Default is no duplex, but I turned long edge duplex on
in the print dialog.

>> 4. If printed to a pdf file and /usr/bin/lpr is used on the pdf, 
>>    no duplexing occurs -- I get two separate sheets.
> This could be explained by the way OO generates PDF and how
> the printer filters turn that into PS. Or if your printer is
> also capable of speaking PDF (directly), no mentioning that
> it should use duplex is in the PDF input. 

ok, at least that part makes sense.  /usr/bin/lpr will ignore the 
$cupsJobTicket: statement.

> If the printer has
> an operator panel which allows setting duplex precedence,
> check if duplex is off or on there.

No duplexing option there.

>> 5. If printed to a pdf file and /usr/local/bin/lpr is used on the pdf,
>>    duplexed pages are upside down.
> Matches number 3.

>>From your PS source:
>> %cupsJobTicket: media=Letter sides=two-sided-long-edge
> There's also two-sided-short-edge (corresponding to the setting
> accessible via localhost:631).

That's what I don't understand.
It says two-sided-long-edge.  Why would it be performing as if
it said two-sided-short-edge?

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