upside down duplexed page -- CUPS issue (was Re: ps problem)

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Mon Jan 27 05:06:20 UTC 2014

On Sun, 26 Jan 2014 21:51:54 -0700, Gary Aitken wrote:
> I need a sanity check, please, someone with cups and openoffice installed.
> In my case I'm using an HP OfficeJet Pro 8500 tied to the 
> HP Photosmart P1100 ppd file, which seems to be the recommendation.
> the fbsd implementation of cups installs an lpr command in 
>   /usr/local/bin
> the system supplies one in 
>   /usr/bin

That's the default beviour. CUPS can be instructed to
overwrite the OS tools, or the system can be installed
with omitting the lpr tools (see src.conf option).

> The normal path puts /usr/bin ahead of /usr/local/bin

Unless you change this - yes.

> 1. If I print the file below using
>      /usr/bin/lpr
>    it comes out duplexed properly.

I assume this will simply override CUPS. As your printer
speaks PS, the file will simply be transferred into the
printer and will be processed "as is".

> 2. If I print it using
>      /usr/local/bin/lpr
>    it comes out with the duplexed page upside down.

This will use CUPS's settings which may add a "preample"
of PS to the printer to reflect those settings, for example
which "duplexing manner" (long or short edge "wrap") will
be used.

To find out if those settings exist, open a web browser (bah)
and go to http://localhost:631 where you can find the CUPS
administration web pages. Check your printer's settings
carefully. (I know there's also a lpadmin tool, but haven't
bothered learning it because I tend to avoid CUPS whenever
possible, because when you have a PS-capable printer, it's
probably just useless overhead.)

> I'd appreciate it if someone could verify whether or not they see
> similar behavior.

> If I create a simple 2 page document in openoffice,
> when printing from openoffice, I see the following:
> 3. If printed duplexed direct from OO, duplexed pages are upside down.

As expected.

> 4. If printed to a pdf file and /usr/bin/lpr is used on the pdf, 
>    no duplexing occurs -- I get two separate sheets.

This could be explained by the way OO generates PDF and how
the printer filters turn that into PS. Or if your printer is
also capable of speaking PDF (directly), no mentioning that
it should use duplex is in the PDF input. If the printer has
an operator panel which allows setting duplex precedence,
check if duplex is off or on there.

> 5. If printed to a pdf file and /usr/local/bin/lpr is used on the pdf,
>    duplexed pages are upside down.

Matches number 3.

>From your PS source:

> %cupsJobTicket: media=Letter sides=two-sided-long-edge

There's also two-sided-short-edge (corresponding to the setting
accessible via localhost:631).

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