Unable to boot on USB key on Lenovo Thinkpad T440

Julian H. Stacey jhs at berklix.com
Sat Jan 25 14:31:14 UTC 2014

Hi, Reference:
> From:		Kata Goto <black.katagoto at gmail.com>
> Date:		Fri, 24 Jan 2014 22:47:53 +0100

Kata Goto wrote:
> Hello all,
> I recently (this week), recieved a Lenovo Thinkpad T440 and I want to
> install FreeBSD, so I have disabled the secure boot and force the legacy
> boot mode only.
> Then I have downloaded an USB image and write it via
>     $ dd if=FreeBSD-9.2-RELEASE-amd64-memstick.img of=/dev/da0 bs=64k
> (I also tried with 10.0-RELEASE)
> And my laptop refuses to boot on it, even if I force to boot on it (via
> <F12>).
> My USB key works well on other computers (they boot on it) and my laptop
> boots well on an Ubuntu USB key.
> I have also tried to boot on an external CD Drive, but nothing change :/
> I am running out of ideas.
> If you have the same issue or new ideas, please, let me know.
> In advance,
> Thanks for your help.

Check md5 from freebsd.org with md5 from file on your hard disk
Check md5 from freebsd.org with md5 from your USB stick.  
USB sticks do develop unrecoverable bad sectors (2 of my sandisk have over time
(just to counter the good name given by another sandisk user ;-)
Try the stick on another PC.
Describe how far the boot gets `nothing' leaves readers guessing.
Try booting off pre installed USB hard disk.
Try a net boot via BIOS & ethernet

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