Server hang : MBR installation after dump and restore on new hard disk

eras mus erasmu at
Wed Jan 22 07:25:12 UTC 2014

On 1/16/14, Warren Block <wblock at> wrote:
> On Thu, 16 Jan 2014, eras mus wrote:
>> Dear List,
>> Thank you all for the help. I understood that the old hard disk is dying.
>> I booted with a FreeBSD Live CD with the new hard disk.
>> Now it detected the old hard disk as /dev/ad4 and new one as /dev/ad7.
>> Then using sysinstall did slicing and partitioning on the new hard
>> disk(ad7). Then dump and restore performed on all the partitions of
>> the old hard disk to the new hard disk partitions.
> While sysinstall had a reasonably nice user interface for disk
> partitioning, it was and is buggy and best avoided on current versions
> of FreeBSD.
>> After performing dump and restore to the new hard disk, I edited the
>> /etc/fstab of the root partition so that it will update the /etc/fstab
>> for the new hard disk partitions(ad7s1a,ad7s1d,ad7s1f ..... instead of
>> the ad4 entries in the /etc/fstab)
>> Now when i try to boot the machine with both the hard disks as attached.
>> It is showing as below
>> F1 FreeBSD
>> F5 Drive 1
>> When i select F5 it is going to a GRUB prompt of the new hard disk
>> ,Because it already had a linux installation before doing the dump and
>> restore operation.
>> As per my understanding FreeBSD  Boot Manager is not installed for the
>> new
>> hard disk. Am I right?
> Yes.  Use 'boot0cfg -B ad7' to install it to the new drive, or
> 'fdisk -B ad7' for a plain MBR that just boots without showing the menu.
> You may also need to install bootcode to the BSD partitions themselves.
> This can be done with 'bsdlabel -B ad7s1'.  I'd recommend using gpart
> instead, but you don't say what version of FreeBSD you have, and it may
> be old enough that gpart is not present.  If gpart is present, see

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