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> Swap: Can the two Linusi share the same swap partition? And

I do something of the sort on machines in my teaching lab.

I have installed one Ubuntu on one partition, and I have another empty
partition where students can install their own Ubuntu (for class
project) and they both use one same (extended) partition.

I see no reason why FreeBSD could not use it too, swap partition is
supposed to be empty when the system boots, so any data/formatting
done by another OS will be over written.

One a side note, should you have 35GB of /home in FreeBSD partition of
instead  increase the size of your common space?



> furthoermore, could FreeBSD also use that one? Note that the
> different systems are not running at the same time, so it would
> be nonsense to waste disk space for three "dedicated" swap
> partitions when one is sufficient.
> Shared data partition: I'm not searching for blazing performance,
> so I do not require the most recent ext10fs or RiceFat here.
> The goal should be that this partition can be adressed from all
> the operating systems. It doesn't have to be /home, instead it
> will be mounted separately, but rw. Regarding FreeBSD, it would
> nice to not require fuse here (base OS tools preferred).
> My initial partitioning and sizing idea:
> Partition       OS, subpart.    Size    Device (slice, partition)
> --------------  --------------  ------  ---------------------------
> Prim. #1        FreeBSD         55 GB   /dev/ada0s1{a,d,e,f,g}
>                 a       /        1 GB
>                 d       /tmp     2 GB
>                 e       /var     2 GB
>                 f       /usr    15 GB
>                 g       /home   35 GB
> Prim. #2        swap             5 GB   /dev/ada0s2(b?), /dev/sda2
> Prim. #3        common data     10 GB   /dev/adas3, /dev/sda3
> Extend. #1
>   log. dr. #1   Kali Linux      15 GB   /dev/sda5
>   log. dr. #2   Mageia Linux    15 GB   /dev/sda6
> Would something like this work, or is there a better approach?
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