Removing user from lan.

Polytropon freebsd at
Fri Jan 17 19:50:40 UTC 2014

On Thu, 16 Jan 2014 16:53:32 -1000, Al Plant wrote:
> Aloha,
> Could anyone please send me to a how to on removing an unwanted user 
> from the lan on FreeBSD 9 and 8.
> I tried to remove the adduser file and name and I still cant use the 
> name that was there before.

Deleting the home directory is not sufficient, as the account
will still be active in files like /etc/passwd and the user
database. So while an interactive login might be inhibited
(due to a non-extisting home directory or login shell), other
kinds of access, like FTP and maybe even scp, may still be
possible. That's why the account has to be deleted entirely.
The "rmuser" and "pw userdel" commands can do this. They also
make sure the user is removed from the (generated) binary

> I read the man page and cant see from that how to get rid off all the 
> parts of the old account.

You should have a look at "man rmuser" and "man pw".

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