asterisk-gui loop: dahdi_genconf?

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Fri Jan 17 14:48:30 UTC 2014

On Fri, Jan 17, 2014 at 7:55 PM, Da Rock <
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> So given that Freeswitch was a dead end, I went back to asterisk (now 11)
> and thought about giving the gui a go too. Apparently there is an idea that
> pfsense might be going that way too, so it seemed reasonable. There is a
> possible port coming through for the gui so I downloaded the patch and got
> it installed (after some time trying to figure out why it wasn't working in
> the first place, mind. Docs gave me no clue, but had trouble finding the
> 'missing' files ;) ).
> So the gui works as such in that it actually displays a page and not 404
> or 403, I can login even; but after that it gets caught in a loop about the
> config setup. In the console I see errors relating to dahdi_genconf (which
> doesn't exist - at least on FreeBSD):
> WARNING[149291][C-0000068e]: app_system.c:138 system_exec_helper: Unable
> to execute 'dahdi_genconf'
> In theory one would say that its only warning, but it appears to really
> stop things as the message gets repeated every time the page reloads, which
> it does because it can't setup the config and so reloads itself to try
> again.
> Anyone find the answer to this? Apparently the gui side is not so hot at
> asterisk due to lack of interest.
> Cheers
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I am not very sure about the current state, but dahdi_genconf was not
available of FreeBSD platform till a couple of months back.


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