asterisk-gui loop: dahdi_genconf?

Da Rock freebsd-questions at
Fri Jan 17 14:34:50 UTC 2014

So given that Freeswitch was a dead end, I went back to asterisk (now 
11) and thought about giving the gui a go too. Apparently there is an 
idea that pfsense might be going that way too, so it seemed reasonable. 
There is a possible port coming through for the gui so I downloaded the 
patch and got it installed (after some time trying to figure out why it 
wasn't working in the first place, mind. Docs gave me no clue, but had 
trouble finding the 'missing' files ;) ).

So the gui works as such in that it actually displays a page and not 404 
or 403, I can login even; but after that it gets caught in a loop about 
the config setup. In the console I see errors relating to dahdi_genconf 
(which doesn't exist - at least on FreeBSD):

WARNING[149291][C-0000068e]: app_system.c:138 system_exec_helper: Unable 
to execute 'dahdi_genconf'

In theory one would say that its only warning, but it appears to really 
stop things as the message gets repeated every time the page reloads, 
which it does because it can't setup the config and so reloads itself to 
try again.

Anyone find the answer to this? Apparently the gui side is not so hot at 
asterisk due to lack of interest.


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