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Tue Jan 7 10:53:10 UTC 2014

On Tue, 7 Jan 2014 15:46:36 +0530, eras mus wrote:
>   So in single user mode ran fsck. The fsck commands runs fine util it
> comes for /usr. After giving these messsage http://pastebin.com/jujRwp6g It
> is waiting for more than a hour.No other output. Is it  normal phenomena?
> Will it take more time.

That is an interactive prompt. You are supposed to enter Y or N
because a _change_ to the file system has to be authorized by
the operator.

	** /dev/ad4s1e
	** Last mounted on /usr
	** Phase1 - check Blocks and Sizes
	INCORRECT BLOCK COUNT I-5823(12224 should be 13344)
	CORRECT ?[yn]

You can, however, use

	# fsck -yf /usr

to automatically answer "YES", but be sure to _know_ what this
will cause! See "man fsck" for details.

The reason: fsck can automatically repair some kinds of file
system defects. Some "bigger" defects need more changes to the
file system, this _could_ damage files, and in ultra-worst case,
cause data loss. That's why the operator is _prompted_ to make
a decision. In some very exceptional cases it might be better
to _not_ apply the modification and relapse to forensic tools
in the first place. This will probably not required in your
case. :-)

> Please Note: As some one adviced here for memory check. Out of 4 RAMS tried
> removing RAM  one by one and checked whether system is hanging. It still
> hangs .

Use a memtest-CD to make sure. You can test all RAM bars separately
_and_ in the desired combination.

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