Frank Leonhardt frank2 at
Tue Jan 7 10:29:36 UTC 2014

On 07/01/2014 10:16, eras mus wrote:
> Dear List,
> With your help able to fix  rc.conf. Able to start in normal mode. again
>   the server is hanging. No connection from LAN and also from server console
>    So in single user mode ran fsck. The fsck commands runs fine util it
> comes for /usr. After giving these messsage It
> is waiting for more than a hour.No other output. Is it  normal phenomena?
> Will it take more time.
> Please Note: As some one adviced here for memory check. Out of 4 RAMS tried
> removing RAM  one by one and checked whether system is hanging. It still
> hangs .

I advised a RAM and disk check right up-front, and also suggested 
running from a Live-CD to check if the hardware was stable. Someone 
since pointed out that this could specifically be a thermal problem 
based on further information you supplied. This sounds likely too. 
Nothing that's come out since changes this - I'm worried you are looking 
for a software problem when the hardware has a fault.

Regards, Frank.

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