problem related to read only file system in single user root login

Johan Hendriks joh.hendriks at
Sun Jan 5 11:03:11 UTC 2014

Op zondag 5 januari 2014 schreef Aravind Gopal (myaravindg at

> Sir,
> Sorry to bother you, I have a severe problem and I failed to solve it
> myself.
> I am new to freebsd and I have average knowledge about Linux.
> What I have done is
> 1) Installed FreeBSD 9.2 amd64(to a system with AMD phenom X4 840)
> 2) Added a normal user(As I don't know about 'wheel' group, 'wheel' group
> was not added).
> 3) Installed xorg and kde, as described in the handbook.
> 4) restarted and entered in to the normal user(KDE).
> 5) but could not upgrade/update/install new program/mount filesystem from
> the normal user with kde.
> 6) As From kde loging screen, root login is not allowed.
> 7) restarted and selected the 'single user mode' and logged in to 'root'
> 8) as per the documentation I tried to add user to the 'wheel' group using
> 'pw groupmod'. But failed and the system message was 'read only file
> system'.
> As my cpu is amd and the annoying bug in the kernel is fixed in freeBSD 10,
> I need to upgrade. also i want to mount other partitions.
> Frankly speaking I abandoned the pc After the failure of my trouble
> shooting.
> Do I need to install freeBSD again?
> please help....
> --
> Aravind Gopal
> _______________________________________________

Between step  7 and 8 try mounting the filesystem read write.
# mount -rw /

This way / is mounted read write and you should be able to continue with
step 8


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