problem related to read only file system in single user root login

Aravind Gopal myaravindg at
Sun Jan 5 09:06:12 UTC 2014

Sorry to bother you, I have a severe problem and I failed to solve it
I am new to freebsd and I have average knowledge about Linux.
What I have done is
1) Installed FreeBSD 9.2 amd64(to a system with AMD phenom X4 840)
2) Added a normal user(As I don't know about 'wheel' group, 'wheel' group
was not added).
3) Installed xorg and kde, as described in the handbook.
4) restarted and entered in to the normal user(KDE).
5) but could not upgrade/update/install new program/mount filesystem from
the normal user with kde.
6) As From kde loging screen, root login is not allowed.
7) restarted and selected the 'single user mode' and logged in to 'root'
8) as per the documentation I tried to add user to the 'wheel' group using
'pw groupmod'. But failed and the system message was 'read only file

As my cpu is amd and the annoying bug in the kernel is fixed in freeBSD 10,
I need to upgrade. also i want to mount other partitions.

Frankly speaking I abandoned the pc After the failure of my trouble

Do I need to install freeBSD again?

please help....

Aravind Gopal

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