openjdk-7.45.18_1 is forbidden: Triggering a nasty FreeBSD bug.

Stephen Cook sclists at
Fri Jan 3 00:31:24 UTC 2014

On 1/2/2014 5:31 PM, Walter Hurry wrote:
> On Thu, 02 Jan 2014 13:20:43 -0500, Stephen Cook wrote:
>> Hello!
>> I'm trying to install OpenJDK and it gives me this error:
>>           openjdk-7.45.18_1 is forbidden: Triggering a nasty FreeBSD bug.
>> I'm fairly new to FreeBSD and I'm not sure where to go from here. Can I
>> try an earlier version or something? Googling it lead me to a pastebin
>> page with mention of removing "FORBIDDEN" from the makefile if you know
>> what you are doing, but unfortunately I don't.
>> Or can anyone recommend some other Java port? My main purpose at the
>> moment is to screw around with a Minecraft server, although I have some
>> other more important (but less amusing) reasons to have Java on my
>> system in the near future.
> As a fellow newbie, my instinct is just to wait, rather than screwing
> around. They don't usually take long, and I prefer to err on the side of
> caution.
> BTW, someone mentioned openjdk6, but that's marked as forbidden too.

I can't find what the actual bug is... I mean, if it will just make 
Minecraft unstable it is no big deal, I want to play with my kid. If it 
erases the hard drive or lights something on fire I can wait.

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