pkgng and pkgdb

Warren Block wblock at
Tue Feb 25 19:29:39 UTC 2014

On Tue, 25 Feb 2014, gahn wrote:

> hi, all:
> i used to use "pkgdb -Ff" along with old wonderful "pkg_whatever" to keep my freebsd station healthy. but i was told the new era of pkg is coming and so i made switch to pkgng.
> the question is: what is the equivalent of "pkgdb -Ff"? for pkg?
> for "pkgdb -Ff", i am especially fond of its ability to fix those duplicated registrations. is the "pkg check -dB -av" the same as that "pkgdb -Ff"?

pkgdb is actually part of ports-mgmt/portupgrade, not the base system. 
It should not be needed with pkg, and pkg should be more resistant to 
getting two versions of the same port installed.

Be careful with pkg check, some of those options install missing 
dependencies, and it looks to me like some happily recalculate checksums 
to match installed files rather than detect changes.  The pkg-check(8) 
man page could use some examples, and possibly warnings.

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